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Charcoal the lord of shadows
It was a windy night, colder than most of them in the shadow landscape. But that didn't stop the lord of shadows, to hide in fear of a storm was weak. He had to make sure the animal-like creatures were safe. They were not animals, they were considered monsters or demons to those beyond the darkness. The beings were rather nice when not provoked though they were mean, cruel, horrific, even disgusting to the eyes of higher rank, it didn't stop their leader though. A pitch black wolf creature with a red eye on the right side of his face and a sky blue eye on the left, both glowed like stars, and it was said the shine could be seen almost from a mile away. Of course these stories weren't true, only a child could believe them. Yes this wolf was a legend even if he rarely spoke, in a low yet kind voice with the most thought out words, there were no mistakes in his plans and thoughts, his actions were not like anything a king, or an alpha would do, he did not put himself before others, or thi
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Charcoal limped outside, looking around. There wasn't anything to be seen other than the meadow.  He was worried....what was that loud sound? Where had the shadows gone? Why was he left?, none of it made since. He then realized something "they......they just left me" he prayed it wasn't true. Charcoal walked as fast as he possibly could, all the dens, hollows, and caves were empty.
The bright white figure glared out at the darkness surrounding him, he was to destroy this half of the world he was forced to shared. In a grim voice he spoke out to his soldiers "today! We kill the lord of shadows! And finally we may rest in peace, knowing those dreaded demons are dead!!" The white colored animals cheered and those who could clapped.
Prism couldn't help but smirk at their dumb loyalty, they didn't expect anything out of the ordinary.  This meant progress.
Charcoal walked to the realm portal, he liked to call it the 'jumper'. What he saw was slightly expected......his older brother, Prism. In a kingly voice with very much authority "What are you doing here." It wasn't a question but more of an order. Prism took a step closer a small Cheshire cat grin on his face "I just came to...visit"  He said the last word evilly, his soldiers on their toes ready to defend their leader.
"How dare you enter my territory, Prism. You are to leave at once!" Charcoal barked the command. "You have no territory Char....., it's over for you. Stand down and i might consider sparing your life" Prism smiled at the thought of the younger wolf begging for mercy, only to later die in a pool of his own blood. "What do you mean?..." Charcoal didn't know the terrible fate of his friends "oh....them....well, i guess you could say they....left you here" Honestly Prism almost bust-out laughing at his siblings reaction, the shock in his eyes, the fear embedded on his face, to Prism it was hilarious. Charcoal's face quickly turned to hate, his eyes glaring with anger, a snarl etched into his features. He lowered his head, raised his tail ever so higher, pushed his ears forward, and lunged at Prism in blind rage. Sinking his canines into the throat of his brother.
Prism didn't have the time to react, the attack wasn't really that effective, but it was very painful, and made him growl. "W-What are you idiots waiting for!" He called to the light creatures who had been shocked by the attack, but they quickly got their bearings and tore the snarling shadow away from their lord of light.
"Let me go! H-he killed them!...MURDERER!" Charcoal's voice came close to cracking a bit at that last word, tears starting to sting the brim of his eyes continuing to stay there and refuse to fall. Charcoal still growled and hissed at the brightly glowing creatures. They held the Lord of Shadows down, it took at least 8 people to do so, he was stronger than expected 'Hmmm.....well i guess he WAS gone for a long time, enough time to get stronger...whatever' Prism smiled, all the struggling of the black wolf was useless...just like his little brother.
Charcoal woke up,  his hind legs and front paws were restrained by white leather straps. Charcoal growled and tried to free himself of the restraints, but to no avail. Prism chuckled "Oh's no use....I've finally got you where i want you. You'll never see light again!" Charcoal snarled at him "You underestimate me Prism! I WILL'll....see" Charcoal was then injected by a robotic arm that protruded from the wall awkwardly. Before Charcoal blacked out he heard a gravelly voice argue with his brother "R-Rinstone?....." the world around him faded as he fell asleep due to the injection.

All Rinstone remembered was walking to Crypt's hollow, and being ambushed by light colored fighters of the light realm. And being stabbed by something that made him tired and pass out, then he woke up tied to a sparking electric pole. "Oww....w-what happened?!" He rubbed his head and discovered a large insertion behind his ear, it had been sown shut but not cleaned by the amount of dried blood matting his fur. Rinstone dragged himself to a sitting position and looked around, he was in a field...of....."oh....god!" He was in front of a silver iron door, leading to a very large building "....the light creatures get all the good stuff!" He looked behind himself and almost threw up. Millions upon millions of dead was horrifying to witness. "They've....tested on them....." he could see random cuts throughout the bodies, then it dawned on him. "Th-the cut behind my ear! Oh god are they gonna leave me here to die!?....or....will they come do more?..." Rinstone shivered at both thoughts, he had to find a way out! But he knew one thing. Charcoal was alive, they wouldn't just kill him, they'd torture everything out of him. Rinstone hoped he wasn't too late. He got up, pain shooting through his entire body, then he noticed why the electric pole was there, to kill him slowly if he decided to move "those smart little pests!" He growled, his anger at the light creatures getting on his worst sides nerves. He knew it wasn't their fault, they were manipulated to think the shadows were evil he just, wished they weren't so stupid!

The wolf paced, she didn't know they would do this! They said they'd catch them not kill them! "Those guys suck at lying....." she always had a feeling they'd do this. The female wolf walked out side and looked at the white sky, it was like a black abyss, just different. She sat down and wondered why she helped them, her family was already dead why she stayed made her question her sanity. She looked back at old memories trying to find out why she was so messed up in the head, then she found it, more like "him" her old friends....what were their names again? "Hmmmm?....! Charcoal!...a-and.....uhh crap" they were her old best friends, and she had almost forgotten them completely! She looked back down smiling, there was the tall one and there was the only other wolf she knew "Charcoal" she said the name again, it sparked a old locked away memory, she dug at it and tried to remember it.
"Hey! You! Yeah you!" A very small black wolf yelled across the field trying to get his friends attention "What!? What do you want!?" She yelled back in response "Get over here!" "nooooooo" Charcoal groaned and walked towards her "Hi Charcoal" she chimed with an innocent grin. Charcoal rolled his eyes and looked back at where he once was calling her "Me and Rinstone wanted to know if you wanted to check out this awesome cave we found!" He smiled brightly at their new hideout "'s  Rinstone and I....""What?" He asked. "The proper grammar is 'Rinstone and I' not 'me and Rinstone'....""What? Does it look like I care about that stuff!?""Well considering that one day you'll be lord of should have proper grammar..." Charcoal frowned at that statement, he hated the thought of so much responsibility "Whatever" He growled to her. After more arguing and confusion the young wolf decided to see the cave with him. It was at an awkward angle on the side of a mountain, but inside was most definitely a hideout "Rinstone and I" He started in an obvious tone "cleaned it up a bit and now were gonna get some cool stuff to put in it ya know....make it a bit more....homey-ish....yeah" she smiled and looked up at the ceiling. It was constructed of white crystals that looked like they had small threads of red and blue, and it looked like it had tints of yellow in some spots. Either way, the entire thing sparkled more than imagined possible.

The dark creature sighed, ever since she had left she'd been alone. "I hope they make it quick..." She wanted it fast and painless for Charcoal and Rinstone, they were her only friends out of the rest, her being the Tomboy she was, she thought girly things were stupid when she was young, and still did. She got up, and walked inside the den, away from the cold.

Rinstone bit and pulled at the wire on his throat, it tore and ripped his neck, but he had to get away from it. Pain shot through his body once again but directed towards the blood, the night had made it a stinging cold liquid. Rinstone's body jerked from the new intense pain from the shock, and he fell to the ground, the pain didn't subside. It took a hold of his conscious and turned it dark, making him black out.

Prism walked off after his brother had been sedated. He stood in front in the opening of a den, there layed on the floor asleep, was the young she-wolf. The one who did half the work in this heinous mass murder. He smiled evilly as he quietly walked to her. He stood over her and thought "Well i did say 'every single one' i guess your no different" And with that, he pounced.


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